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Top 10 Winter Activities in New Brunswick

Posted by Maria Vilcu on January 15, 2023

Winter is an amazing time to enjoy nature in New Brunswick. Did you know that New Brunswick gets the most snow in Maritimes, so what are the options to benefit from it? This post is your guide to the best Fresh Air Activities (suitable for everyone, kids are welcome)

Hiking / Snowshoeing

Free Human Snow photo and picture

My first pick is Hiking, and more specifically, Snowshoeing, when the sun is shining and the snow is sparkling, it’s the perfect time to get out and explore.  This is one of the simplest ways to get out and explore the great outdoor. It can be magical even when the wind is howling it can feel like a true wilderness experience. After a fresh snow, the tracks left by the wildlife give a fascinating perspective on all the activity that happens in the woods – which isn’t as obvious in the summer months.

There are many places throughout the province where you can rent or borrow snowshoes to try. If you are looking for both snowshoe rentals and trails, there are many cross-country ski clubs and downhill ski clubs that have both snowshoes and snowshoeing trails available.

Severals to list are:


And much more.

Winter Parks

Name your favourite winter activity and I am sure your local park has it, and not only the activity, there are winter events that you need to keep an eye on. Check out your local Provincial Park, and you will be impressed what they have to offer, we talked about snowshoeing, now add cross-country skiing, fatbike trails, or perhaps stay in a rustic cabin with coast,  ocean view in the winter.

Paw Power aka Dog sledding

Free Winters Snow photo and picture

Dog sledding used to be a means of transportation in northern countries like Canada. Sled dog breeds are typically Alaskan Malamutes, Huskies and Samoyeds. With a thick coat, these beautiful animals are fit, good-natured, very social and love the teamwork with both dogs and humans.

You might need to go a little bit up north of NB for a good dog sledding experience, one example is Birch Bark Adventures not far from Bathrust.

Skiing or Snowboarding anyone? 

New Brunswick is the antidote for busy mega-resorts and overcrowded hills, here you can enjoy the freedom with a a great downhill ski or snowboard experience. Province’s largest ski vertical at Crabbe Mountain. It’s one of four ski hills, including SugarloafMont Farlagne, and Poley, that offer vast and varied terrain, from bunny hills to black diamonds, with challenging terrain parks for snowboarders, snow tubing for the kids and cosy lodges for après-ski relaxation.

Zip Lining

You can zip and climb your way over old-growth forests for a breathtaking view of the spectacular winter landscape. The experience includes a sleigh ride and warming up at a campfire with hot chocolate and cookies. One example would be TimberTop Zip Tours: Zipline Across Snow Laden New Brunswick Forest. 

Next adventure, Ice Caves & Frozen Waterfalls !

You may have explored N.B.’s waterfalls during summer, but frozen or snow-laden waterfalls provide a new level of extraordinary beauty.Remember to bundle up and wear reliable hiking shoes/snowshoes when you go and please do not stand underneath frozen/snow-laden falls as ice/snow might break away causing serious injuries. Fundy National Park is one of the great spots to hunt the frozen waterfalls.

Midland Ice Caves is New Brunswick’s most popular frozen waterfall. When it is really cold, you can walk up to the waterfall and even venture into the caves.

Zoom zoom

Free Snowmobiles Lapland photo and picture

Did you know that New Brunswick has 8000 km of groomed trails across the province, you can pretty much get anywhere you want with a sled in NB. Zoom through the forest and past the scenic coastlines while enjoying the rush of the wind in your face. Snowmobiling is not the only way to adventure across New Brunswick during winter. Local ATV clubs maintain more than 500 km of groomed trails (and ungroomed trails) across the province during winter

Winter Road Trips

New Brunswick is home to lovely scenic drives that are ready for you to explore. Even if you have explored the routes during the summer, take another look this winter and see how the landscape transforms during this season. Some great routes are Acadian Coastal Drive,  River Valley Scenic Drive, Fundy Coast ,Fundy Trail Parkway.

Walk of Art

From the world’s largest lobster in Shediac to the world’s largest axe in Nackawic and a plethora of outdoor artworks, New Brunswick cities and towns are home to sculptures and artworks that pay homage to various features and people of the land. Take a tour of the local outdoor artworks and see how the cold season transforms the look.

Do you know where can you find the World’s Largest Maple Leaf?

Winter Festivals

Winter celebrations don’t stop after the Holidays. The holidays are just the start of winter celebrations in New Brunswick. Grab your coat and get together with your family and friends to rediscover the joy of the perfect snow day.

There are a bunch of winter festivals planned for 2023, few examples:

Hope you liked this post, add your favourite winter activities in the comment section below.

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